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Creating a perfectly imperfect space in home interior design

March 22, 2023

bold interior design styles


What do you want to feel when you move around your home? What do you want to project to others about yourself and the way that you live? The surroundings that you create in home interior design practice must answer these questions. By doing so, you’ll know that your home is an authentic reflection of your best self. A perfectly imperfect one, to be precise! But where on earth do you start?

A perfectly imperfect interior for you

Ultimately the ideal is to create a balance in home interior design that’s both authentic and stylish. You shouldn’t have to forsake one for the other! Through the choices that you make in colour, quality, lighting, and statement pieces you can design a home that provides comfort and elegance. The balance is delicate and tough to achieve. As an interior designer it’s one that I strive to achieve for my clients. 


Home in harmony

When it comes to balance, your home must first and foremost exist in harmony. This might mean calming colour schemes, opulent materials, breathtaking art, or a core design philosophy. Eastern principles can be a fantastic anchor point when it comes to making in home interior design decisions. There’s a lot to understand, so to briefly summarise:

This philosophy is based on the principles of Yin /Yang, the Five Elements, and Qi (which is the energy that exists all around us). A feng shui consultation can help you to structure your room and include elements that support your wellbeing.

This Japanese concept is all about respecting the natural ageing of organic materials. We can embrace it by sourcing antique furniture, accessories that tell a story, or upcycled statement pieces. It just takes an investment in time to find these hidden gems!

A Japanese practice of visibly repairing pottery using lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. The important part of this philosophy is that the beauty of a piece is increased through the repair process. That principle can transfer to furniture, structures and – well, anything really!            

Use walls well

Where to start with the potential of the wall… This area in home interior design is more than just a lick of paint! Yes, paint colour choices are part of it. But then there are wallpaper designs, murals, wall hangings, art, textures and materials to consider. All of these things should be chosen to complement each other without either making a room too busy or too engineered. So planning is really important here to maintain that balance that is so important.

vintage cabinetry

Depth of feeling

Colour theory is the lynchpin of creating a room that has depth. With the right balance, we can draw together different points of the colour wheel to design a space that is not just stylish and elegant but is also interesting and full of character. This is so important for authentic interior design. Remember that colour is layered through paint, furniture, fabrics, fixings, accessories metallics, and woodwork. All things to think about as part of a colour scheme.

selecting colour swatches to match your interior design colour theory planning

Lighting matters

A design concept that moves from daytime to evening relies on great lighting. For daylight hours, we all want a room that captures and diffuses maximum natural light. And then in the evening, we prefer atmospheric layers of lighting that make us feel cosy and at peace. On top of all this, we want to be able to use light practically when required for focus and work. All this means that your perfectly imperfect room design should have mix and match lighting solutions that can change the ambience of the space. On top of that, lighting fixtures should look the part when they’re not in use!

Image of a very well lit interior to illustrate that a luxury residential interior designer won't overlook lighting design when incorporating interior design treasure into your home

The journey to perfectly imperfect interior design balances the practical and philosophical. An interior designer has all of this experience at their fingertips. This is why we are an ideal solution to help you to articulate what is personal to you and translate it into a gorgeous room!