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Bespoke Carpentry – the Beautiful Solution to Storage Problems

October 26, 2022

bespoke carpentry

There are very few projects which do not have storage hovering at the top of a client’s priority list. From collections of prized heirlooms to kids’ toys, every home has very specific storage needs. As the proverbial words go: “A place for everything and everything in its place”. Many homes lack the space to achieve this, so custom-crafted furniture and cabinetry is often a first port of call as an interior designer. So whether your preferred aesthetic is one of clutter-free simplicity, or a more country house style display of collections, bespoke carpentry can help. 

The Benefits of Bespoke Joinery

Of course, free standing furniture absolutely has its place in a room design. Especially vintage or restored pieces that can really make a statement. However, bespoke joinery solves a great number of interior design challenges, and can really form the backbone of a room or space.

Create practical storage in awkward spaces

There are some places that existing solutions simply will not fit. From under the stairs to the uneven angles of a Victorian alcove, bespoke joinery ensures that no space is wasted. This storage is structured and easy to access. So for example a bookcase that fills an entire alcove space, or a TV cabinet that runs the width of the wall.

Create furniture that matches the current aesthetic of the room or home

Super modern lines and streamlined surfaces? Quirky, artistic shapes and vibrant colours? You name it, bespoke joinery can be made to be perfectly in keeping with a room design scheme. You and your interior designer are part of the design process so you have a say on everything right down to cabinet handles.

Functional space to suit your particular requirements

Storage is only good if it is useable. So the inside components of a bespoke cabinet are as important as the external design. Practically, these are the really exciting parts: the drawers within drawers that make everything accessible without having to be a contortionist.

bespoke joinery

Make Use of Dead Space

A space is dead if there is no intention to its use, so it often becomes a dumping ground. Remember that storage is only one solution to a dead space, sometimes a snug or functional purpose will give the space intention. Under stairs and alcoves are common areas to find dead space. You will often also find it on the top of kitchen cabinets, in small rooms, and in the corners of long or unusually shaped living spaces. 

So what common solutions does bespoke carpentry bring to our most frequently found dead spaces?

  • Stairs
    Fit drawers and cupboards under the stairs, or even within the actual steps themselves. 
  • Bedroom
    Create a spacious walk-in wardrobe for clothes and shoes.
  • Bathroom
    Build a bathroom cupboard to keep towels and toiletries organised.
  • Hallway
    Construct a laundry or utility room to include functional shelving, drawers, and cabinets.
  • Kitchen
    Install a pantry, either as a pull out cupboard or as a full height corner space.
make use of dead space

Bespoke Storage Solutions Meet Your Specific Needs

Everyone has different types of ‘stuff’. What works for toys will not necessarily work for sewing equipment, which again might not work for a vinyl record collection. On top of this, there are items within storage furniture that a client may want to remain visible. Display items and books are a couple of examples here, where visibility is as important as tidiness. The best bespoke carpentry solutions will therefore be designed with both the space and the function in mind. These pieces of fitted furniture are far more than a screen to hide clutter. 

Within the storage, things must remain accessible. So if technical or crafting kit is stored away, you should be able to access it without having to rummage through a drawer full of stuff. Internal drawers within drawers are a wonderful solution here. While deep drawer fronts are aesthetically more streamlined, shallow drawers are far more practical. So a deep drawer should contain several shallow drawers to keep everything in order. 

Built-in Options

A great piece of bespoke carpentry is finished to perfection by its added features. These things elevate both the aesthetic and the functionality of the furniture. They are a way to inject some character and create harmony with the rest of the room. 

Integrated lighting

Up or underlit shelving provides a fantastic source of accent lighting in a living area. You can highlight specific display pieces while creating deeper levels of light within the room.


Tie in your bespoke carpentry with other pieces of furniture in the room. By maintaining consistency in the style of ironmongery on your bespoke carpentry and freestanding furniture, you can create a sense of cohesion. 


Especially in areas such as a study, you may require privacy in certain areas of your bespoke storage. You could opt for a keypad, or perhaps a large antique keyhole. Adding locks can be as subtle or as bold as you desire! 

Custom sizes

Want to display a collection of crystals or thimbles? Or turn your vinyl LPs into a piece of wall art? With custom sized storage sections, a collection will be wonderfully framed and displayed. 

beautiful bespoke carpentry

Choose Your Wood

Bespoke carpentry means decisions, and one of the most important decisions is material. Interestingly, the most expensive wood is not always the best suited for the job. So it is important to consult with your carpenter and take their expert advice. 


High quality woods are undoubtedly durable. However, for some fitted functions, they may not be the most appropriate due to the risk of warping. Oak is a popular material for furniture with a visible grain finish. 


Poplar, or tulipwood, is a hardwood that is incredibly workable. Because of this it is popular for use in bespoke carpentry that requires intricate shaping. 


Many carpenters finish their work with wood veneers to adapt the aesthetic of the piece. High quality veneers can then be teamed with other materials such as metallics or even other wood finishes to stunning effect.

custom wooden furniture

As an interior designer I have considerable respect for the craftsmanship that I so often see in high-quality custom carpentry. These pieces not only solve a client’s storage challenges, but can complete a room concept perfectly. By working collaboratively, we can create fitted furniture that benefits the individual lifestyle of a client. I celebrate individuality in my work, and so return to the opportunities offered by bespoke carpentry time and again.