Product is King

August 19, 2019

I have a client in Switzerland who lives by the slogan: ‘product is king’. Everything that goes into his restaurants, hotel or kitchen is carefully scrutinized to be the best possible product. It goes beyond the quality of the ingredients and the message on the packaging, right into the story behind the products, its people and the manufacturing process. As a client, you see the end product, which is always impeccably presented and, when it’s food, incredibly yummy. If you dig deeper, you may discover, for example, the father son duo who have been creating a particular cheese for five generations with their grass-fed cows (who, by the way, get massaged by amazing electric rollers). I recently had a meeting with my client where, once again, I was impressed by the work he put in behind the scenes, by the imagination he uses to find solutions to problems that may arise, and by his desire to use only the highest quality products.

In our fast-moving world we sometimes forget about the people behind the process or the journey the end product has taken. This is true in the design industry as well as in the food industry. As you know, it is exhilarating for me to find pieces that have a story, that have been on a journey – and to hear that story from whoever it is who can tell it (often a sweet, elderly person). These are moments where inside my head I am saying – it’s worth it to ‘lose’ some time listening to this story. It’s so important for me to take the time to get to know the story behind these products because, like my client who only wants the best, as an interior designer, I am only as good as the products I supply. When I seek assistance from decorators, lighting specialists or kitchen designers, I am only as good as they are.

When I buy a contemporary piece of furniture from Kassavello or search for antiques in France from Dora Molnar, for example, I trust that they have done their part in supplying only the highest quality products. This is also why it is important to get to know your suppliers and see if they share your ethos and your standards. Have you ever heard the saying that interior design is 80% admin and 20% design? It’s true! For the one hour I bill a client, four have gone into making sure I supply them with the highest quality products that have been tried and tested.

So at Ana Engelhorn Interior Design ‘product is king’ as well. And we do our best to make sure that the service is just as good, with a little smile and our perfect imperfections.

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  • Here is a project we were involved with in Madrid. Looking out over one of the city's main squares, this small, one-bedroom apartment is a perfect example of our style, combining old and new but also cherishing imperfections, letting the beauty of an imperfect piece come through - just as it should.  Learn more about our process on our webpage!
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  • How to create a successful business plan:

Step one: Understanding your business and its needs.
Start with in-depth research: analyse your product and your market to ensure you have the appropriate contextual expertise.

Step two: Three main questions.
Before you start creating your business plan, you should be able to answer these questions:
1) Where do you want to be in 5 years, personally and professionally? 
2) What is your business process?
3) How does your business make money?

Step three: Go visual.
Put your answers and any ideas down on paper. Writing or typing things out helps give you a clear overview of how to get where you want to be. It’s the same for interior designing – once you put your ideas into drawings and other visuals, you can better see your endpoint.

Step four. Don’t be intimidated.
Most business owners are not business experts – they are learning as they go. Therefore, even if you do not have a university degree in business and commerce, don’t be intimidated to start your business plan. You know your business – you’re the expert on it and can work out the details you need to add in.

Step five: Keep it short.
Write your plan in clear, concise language. Here’s why: 
1) You are creating a tool for yourself to run and grow your business. Therefore, it should be easy to use, to understand and to refine over time.
2) Your business plan will be read by people you will work with. You want to keep their interest and inspire them.
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  • Pictures of past projects transport me to different times and life situations. When I see this one, I can't stop thinking about heat and sun - something I'm sure most of us are yearning for after a long winter!  Let us help you create your ideal holiday home which you can reminisce about while working in your office 😊 
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  • Everybody has something unique and beautiful about them. It's important to celebrate what makes individuals who they are, rather than trying to hide or photoshop things out. I believe this is true for spaces too. If a space has something in it you want to fix, take a breath and ask yourself, if by trying to fix it, would you potentially make it worse? But if you were to celebrate that feature, might it become much better than you at first imagined?  Sign up to our Newsletter to learn more about us and our philosophy!
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