Today the delivery crew arrived with all the client’s furniture. They want to unload today and tomorrow and then unpack on Monday and Tuesday. Practically, this means that first they will fill the house with boxes and, when you can’t see the walls anymore, they will start to unpack everything. It probably makes sense to them, but not to me.
What’s really daunting is that instead of using the numbering system I had organised for all the boxes, the numbers are only on some, so I don’t know from the description what is in the box until it’s opened – but they don’t want to unpack, so I am doing the best I can.
On the building works front, things are moving along but there are fewer people working. And, with building works and interior decorating ongoing, it means we haven’t been able to do the final clean and put out the furniture and install all of the lighting before the movers arrived! As a result, we have £500 lamps lying on the floor while boxes are being brought in – it’s quite frustrating.
However, I try to be understanding as some things – like the boxes arriving! – are out of the builders’ control. Their boss is not here and those left working on site are the ones who have not gone on holiday. While it’s not their fault that the scope of work increased and they have to keep working past the date the furniture is being delivered and the client will be moving in, perhaps what the boss should have done is step back, look at the timeline again, and explain that they were unlikely to finish everything before many of them went off on holiday.
On a more positive note, the kitchen is finished and I was able to clean the space and put in all the food as it arrived. Also, the laundry room is clear so I can put in all the cleaning kit I had organised for the client.
The dining room is still a building site. In here, there was a floor covering and the builders forgot that the corners of the room had loose labelling that would need to be covered, so more work to do. There are also no lights up, which is quite annoying. I have all the dining room chairs in the master dressing room and I would love to get these down so that the client can move more freely.
Last but not least, the clients have arrived and they are happy!  So I am happy 🙂