Today was a good day for getting through the light fittings. I managed to keep the 69 different types of lights down to 14 suppliers. Although that still may sound like a lot (!), this includes specialist lights like an LED sign and a light for plants outside. So, all in all, I think I have a good array that isn’t too widely spread. I will start sending supplier enquiries today and I will need to inquire for each light what lightbulb it will have and what output it will give. With that information, I can go back to Rebecca from to understand if I have the right lighting for each room.
My little error for the sofa bed didn’t end up being anything big, as even though it’s a patterned material, fortunately the same length is still required. The surround sound for the TV room has also been decided, so I am happy that is under wraps. The bathrooms are coming along nicely too. I had to chase for a whole week (which can seem like an eternity) for a specs sheet that I didn’t receive when I ordered the item – it finally arrived yesterday. The hardest thing about a project is to be on top of everything and not forget some tiny – but significant – detail. They all add up to form the whole – and later it will come back to haunt you.