I finally got to do the lighting presentation for my client today, which went really well! She liked all of the lights apart from those in Room 5, so I will find replacements in the next couple of days and present those to her.
I would like to mention again the different way I am having to go through this design process due to time limitations and COVID. Ideally, going in my usual order, I would present the whole house and different types of specifications together, in order of design development. However, as building works had to begin as soon as possible for this client, I am going through specifications by type. I start with the most urgent – e.g. it will be used or installed in the building process – moving on towards the least important – e.g. you can do without for a couple of weeks.
The point here is that if communication between the client and designer is open and honest, it’s easier to adapt to different ways of working. Again, it is important to be flexible with what’s possible as things don’t always go to plan!