How lockdown has changed us …

August 3, 2020

It wasn’t so long ago that we all were blissfully walking among crowds, kissing and hugging friends and acquaintances, meeting up in cafes, bars, cinemas and concert venues. For those of us living in cities, the hustle and bustle of life around us was exciting and fulfilling. Of course, there were unpleasant or annoying parts, like being crammed up against strangers on a tube at rush hour, weaving your way along a tourist-packed pavement on your way home from work or not getting a table at that new restaurant you wanted to try. But for the most part, those who choose to live in cities love the energy that comes from its people and all that’s on offer.

relaxing walk during the weekend
Pond in Kent

How things have changed. It’s as if we live in another world. Now, seeing more than a few people walking towards you on the street has you mentally scrambling to work out a way to keep two metres distance. Empty or shuttered restaurants and shops are the norm and seeing tourists crowding the streets is a distant memory.

Large renovation project
Recent project in Surrey

People’s house buying habits have also changed. The initial fear of a recession in the property market has faded as a record number of houses are being sold. Agents are busier than ever showing eager punters round as sellers enjoy the pick of the litter. And the stamp duty holiday has even more considering whether it’s time for a change. The biggest winner seems to be the house owner with a property to sell in the country or by the seaside. Over lockdown, I think we’ve all come to appreciate the importance of our home environment. When we’re stuck at home, the bigger our plot of land is, the more options we’re likely to have and, by extension, more opportunities to improve our quality of life. Extra legroom seems more vital than ever – and hopefully for us interior designers, people will want their that space to be beautiful as well as spacious!